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Welcome to Learnsoft Beliotech Solutions

Learnsoft Beliotech Solutions is an award-winning company based in the vibrant Kenyan capital, Nairobi. We specialize in cutting-edge Software Design and Development, Process Automation through ERPs, and Graphic Design work.

As the leading provider of ERPS, our expertise extends across the Finance, Education, Health, and ICT sectors. Our flagship product, Learnsoft SchoolERP, is currently deployed in over 300 schools spanning Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

At Learnsoft Beliotech Solutions, we take pride in tailoring our software products to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our mission is to automate various sectors of the Kenyan economy, providing affordable, efficient, and reliable systems. Through our solutions, we empower organizations to realize a return on investment (ROI) and make informed decisions based on accurate data generated by our systems.






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Learnsoft SchoolERP Demo Available
Discover the award-winning Learnsoft SchoolERP, a cutting-edge ERP system that has revolutionized school management. With a proud legacy of serving more than 300 schools, Learnsoft SchoolERP has now seamlessly transitioned to the cloud, providing enhanced accessibility and scalability. As the core system supporting various school processes, Learnsoft SchoolERP offers modules for admissions, finance, examinations, bulk SMS communication, transport management, library operations, and attendance tracking. The cloud-based architecture ensures real-time collaboration and data accessibility from anywhere, fostering a connected and efficient school ecosystem. Empowering educational institutions, Learnsoft SchoolERP streamlines administrative tasks, facilitates smooth financial operations, and ensures accurate examination management. The inclusion of modules for transport tracking, library management, and attendance monitoring contributes to an all-encompassing solution that meets the diverse needs of modern schools. Explore the comprehensive capabilities of Learnsoft SchoolERP and witness the transformation of school management into a seamless, efficient, and technologically advanced process.
Learnsoft Student Tracking and Reporting Module Enhanced Student Management
Elevate your educational institution's efficiency with our Student Tracking and Reporting Module. This feature-rich module empowers educators and administrators to monitor and assess student progress comprehensively. Track attendance, academic performance, and behavioral patterns effortlessly. Generate insightful reports that aid in identifying areas for improvement and recognizing student achievements. The module ensures seamless communication between educators, parents, and students, fostering a collaborative educational environment. With intuitive dashboards and customizable reporting tools, our Student Tracking and Reporting Module streamlines administrative tasks, enabling educational institutions to focus on nurturing the academic success and holistic development of their students.
Payrolls Master Demo Available
A powerful Payroll and HR management system. Also includes Asset Tracking, Leaves Management, Learnsoft E-SaccoERP for Saccos, Toppos Point of Sale ERP, Belio Invoice and Receipts ERP, and Belio Sales Tracking ERP.
Toppos Point of Sale (POS) Cloud and On-Premise
Experience seamless retail management with Toppos, our versatile Point of Sale system available both on the cloud and on-premise. Designed to enhance your business efficiency, Toppos includes powerful features such as inventory management, real-time sales tracking, and customizable reporting tools. Whether you run a single store or a chain of outlets, Toppos provides a user-friendly interface for processing transactions, managing inventory levels, and analyzing sales performance. Enjoy the flexibility of cloud-based access for real-time insights or choose on-premise deployment for enhanced data control.
Learnsoft HMIS ERP Demo Available
A comprehensive Health Management Information System ERP. Also includes Drugs and Inventory Management, Laboratory and Imaging ERP.
Learnsoft Drugs Inventory System Demo Available
Revolutionize your healthcare management with our Drugs Inventory System. This comprehensive solution ensures efficient control and monitoring of pharmaceuticals. With features such as real-time stock tracking, expiration alerts, and order management, it simplifies the complexities of managing drug inventories in healthcare facilities.
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A.I.C Malivani
Makueni County - A.I.C Malivani Boarding Primary School is a top performing public school in Makueni County
Embu Top Mark Academy
Embu County - Based in EMbu county, this school has held on to Learnsoft ERPs in their processes.
Premese Academy
Makueni County - A prestigious school, top performer which has embraced Learnsoft SchoolERP for transformation.
St. Teresia Academy
Kiambu County - A great school and a performer that uses Learnsoft products in it's operations.

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