About us

We are an IT company specializing in Software development and Graphics Design. Our Software solutions are characterized with modern UI interfaces, user friendliness and modern tools. We offer solutions to business processes and ensure that there is uninterrupted flow in the processes therefore increasing efficiency and maximizing profits.


Developing a product that meets and even exceeds the expectations of our client is our core mission. We involve you in everything that pertains your need; analyzing your business processes and helping you come up with a solution that best fits the scenario. We design the best product for you, making your business process easy, efficient and manageable.

Our Services

Learnsoft Beliotech Solutions is a technology company providing key digital services for every Business: Small or Big.


We design and develop mobile app solutions for businesses. Shift your business processes to the mobile technology and enjoy a new experience.


We do professional web design and development. Every business that is ready to move to the next level must a website branding to enable it remain relevant and get clients. Check our work Studio Work, Church Ministry and Engineering work


We do business branding by making business cards, Posters, banners, Company Logos and all graphics work. Use graphics represent your business everywhere it is seen. Have a look at these graphics POSTERS,LOGOS


Desktop application is any software that can be installed on a single computer (laptop or a desktop) and used to perform specific tasks. Our school ERP is one of them, since most schools have no access to internet and are remotely located. We have several software including: Toppos Point of Sale,School ERP, and many others.


Communication to clients is always a top priority for business progress. We offer Bulk SMS services that enables sending a single sms to all your clients by a click of a button. Once integrated into our system, you can easily communicate a new product in market, offer to clients, do busines surveys and much more.


We do networking services for offices and homes. Routing & switching, security & firewalls, WAN optimization, VoIP, wireless, IPSec & SSL, VPN, Cisco expertise.

Our Work

Learnsoft Beliotech Solutions has done many projects and others in progress. With Our Key SaccoERp, SchoolERP and Toppos Point of Sale, here are the top clients for each:


Muvitha Mixed School

We installed a complete school system with Examination, Finance, Admission, Non-teaching Staff management, bulk sms for sending results to parents modules.


Ebenezer Limited

Ebenezer Sacco had our Sacco Software deployed in 2018. They use it for Member registration, Savings management, Loan management and Bulk SMS services.



Nitstar is a company that handles hardware products like woods, Cement, Pipes e.t.c. With Toppos Point of Sale, they can now take in a new stock, manage their inventory, Generate sales receipts and reports as well as handling bulk SMS.

Our Portfolio

Learnsoft Beliotech solution here shocases a few of the projects outputs of our system as well as our Graphics work.

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  • Graphics
  • Software
  • UI:UX

Payrolls Master

Employees registration, Leaves, Payrolls management and Assets Tracking solution.

Our Team

We have an amazing Team that really values you and works to have your needs prioritized:

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Jared Mwanduka
Founder and CEO.
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James Nyanga
Software Engineer
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Cyrus Bundi
Graphics Designer


This is the pricing for our School ERP system. The prices are negotiable. Check them and get in touch with us:

Basic Plan

KES 30,000

  • - Admission Module
  • - Examination Module
  • - Finance Module
  • - Reports
  • - NO Non-Teaching Staff Management Modules
  • - NO Bulk SMS Module with default Sender ID
  • - NO Email Services
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Silver Plan

KES 49,999

  • - Admission Module
  • - Examination Module
  • - Finance Module
  • - Reports
  • - Non-Teaching Staff Management Modules
  • - Bulk SMS Module with default Sender ID
  • - NO Email Services
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Gold Plan

KES 59,999

  • - Admission Module
  • - Examination Module
  • - Finance Module
  • - Reports
  • - Non-Teaching Staff Management Modules
  • - Bulk SMS Module with custom Sender ID. e.g. Muvitha School
  • - Email Services
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SchoolERP Clients




SaccoERP Customers


Learnsoft Beliotech Solutions is a one-stop shop for all software solutions, here is what our clients have to say.

My school does atleast 3 examinations in a term and results have to be marked and analysed in time. With more than 500 students. teachers would take 3-4 days analysing the results. When Learnsoft came, everything changed and now we cna analyse results in 2 Minutes and send parents results immediately. Thank you.
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H.O.D Exams Muvitha Mixed Secondary School
I remember taking a whole week checking which products in my shop were almost expiring and those low on stock. Sales receipts were manual and wasted a lot of time and high cost. Learnsoft sold to us their Toppos Point of Sale and this is the best thing we have had. Am grateful.
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Mark Kimani Manager - Amani Hardwares

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